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what I am all about

I believe knowledge and experience should not be wasted. Let me bring my 20 years of gained knowledge and experience to you so that I may continue my service by bettering your organization.


Using leadership, training, management and security/tactical experience gained over a 20-year Army career in the Infantry and Special Operations I will bring world-class professionalism, discipline and adaptability to help my clients succeed in a number of areas.


Teaching Leadership, Team Building, Training Development and Management, Meeting and Negotiation Strategies, Security Consulting and Product Development.


Passion and drive are all things we need to achieve success.  My passion is to serve and help you improve in any area I can assist you and/or your business in.  My drive is to get you the results you’re looking for.


I wake up everyday with a passion to help others. I love helping people in any capacity that I’m capable of, so let me help you.

how i can help

Training and Leading to Victory is What I Do


Coaching – I will provide my time to a client that believes they need coaching in the matter of leadership and/or management. This can be done 1-on-1 or in a small group. I will come to your place of work and first observe, provide guidance and then follow through with additional help or considerations to ensure the growth needed is achieved.

Speech – I will provide speaking services to give lessons on leadership drawing on my time in the Army having been a leader in some capacity for roughly 17 of my 20 years of service.


I believe team building is not a cookie-cutter exercise where “one-size fits all”. My methodology for team building starts with an in-person assessment of the team that needs building. I will not come in and have you do generic drills where one person falls and the rest catch, then we pretend we trust each other. I will observe the team and take notes on the environment in which they need to operate. Then I will develop customized team building concepts needed to bring them together within the scope of work needed for the client.


With my years in the Special Warfare Center improving and developing training as an instructor and at the management level, as well as conducting training in the units I served with during my career I can draw on that experience to develop the training you need or evaluate the training already in place. My experience lends to helping with everything from classroom training to “field” environment training with practical exercises.


Drawing on four years of experience at the Special Warfare Center teaching Key Leader Engagements and negotiations, I can help your organization train or prepare to conduct negotiations or formal meetings important to your business.   I can facilitate preparation by using practical exercises that will be a “warm-up” for your event or facilitate a role-play of the meeting/negotiation you will be conducting. In all these scenarios I will provide feedback and guidance for making your event a successful one.


Utilizing my experience across the different jobs I served in from combat roles, to a General’s staff, to academic roles and in my final job in the Army as a Technology Assessor in the Science and Technology Division of the Army’s Special Operations Command I can help you with product development.   Feel free to contact me to discuss and I will let you know honestly if I can advise and assist.


A Tactical Athlete needs to be strong and resilient for their job and life.  For the Tactical Athlete it’s about much more than just being in shape, it’s about coming home alive and in one piece.  With my book, “Original Strength for the Tactical Athlete” you can become bulletproof from the inside out.  Click Here to Buy Tactical Athlete today!


In an ever-changing world with more threats emerging, security considerations are needed in any environment.  You can be vigilant without being paranoid.  With an extensive background in security in permissive and nonpermissive environments ranging from wooded to desert to urban areas, I can assess your security situation and give you some basic things to help improve. I will go over your goals to help find what best fits your security and training needs.  This will include everything from how to harden your home, business or church to a complete training plan for you to become a better guardian of the people you are responsible for and care about. 



Do your managers need training, does your company need leaders, would you like to increase productivity and income? Get a Quote today!

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Based in Fayetteville, North Carolina


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