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Security Products: Guardline Security Driveway Alarm

Security Products: Guardline Security Driveway Alarm

If you’ve talked with me about home security you know that I take a “ringed” approach and start from the outside-in.  The best way to fend off a criminal is to stop them before they ever get inside your home.  One way to do that is to have what I call “early-warning” devices.  A driveway alarm is exactly that.

My home’s driveway was an area of concern for me when we moved in.  If someone pulled in and parked at a certain point I didn’t have a line of sight to them, so while I may have heard what I thought was a vehicle, I had no way to see if someone had pulled in if they pulled up to a certain point.  Thus, the reason I started researching driveway alarms.  A camera is one thing, but having an audible alarm is what I wanted in lieu of a camera so I could react.  There are several options out there for driveway alarms, but many are mediocre at best.  Always remember, “you get what you pay for”.  The one that kept popping up for me and seemed to be a good option was the Wireless Driveway Alarm by Guardline Security.

The model I settled on is the Guardline ¼ Mile Range Outdoor Motion Alert & Driveway Alarm.  This model has a ¼ mile range between the sensor and receiver, so that’s quite a good distance if you have a long driveway.  The receiver is expandable up to 16 sensors and there are 30 different chimes to choose from.  The receiver also has adjustable volume and can get pretty loud.  I really like the variety of chimes because it allows you to find one that will differentiate from all the different cell phone rings, washer dings, computer notifications or whatever else you likely have going off in your home.  I picked on that was a little longer to ensure it would wake me up at night.  An added benefit is that where I have my receiver placed, you can slightly hear it outside.  That could be a deterrent to a criminal as well.

I’m not a big “unboxing review” guy, but the packaging is very nice and it’s boxed well.  The unit is extremely easy to setup and install.  The directions are well written and there’s nothing complicated about using this device.  I opted to mount mine to a tree which required using my own screws.  It’s barely noticeable and is in a great spot.  If you don’t have trees you may have to mount it to a post or other object.  I suggest mounting high enough to avoid being set off by four-legged critters if possible.

Exterior deck screws allowed for a nice mount to the tree.

The Guardline Security Driveway Alarm

Can you see it? It’s just concealable enough that it’s not an eyesore.

What about the performance?  I’ve had it for several months now and I’ve had very few issues.  It’s been through some pretty heavy rain and wind storms and continues to work great.  I have had it go off in heavy wind with lots of leaves coming down, but other than that it never goes off unless triggered by something coming down the driveway or a critter in the yard.  My yard slopes up slightly so while the alarm is at the appropriate height for the driveway, as the sensor extends into the yard it will pick up a squirrel now and then.  All in all, I’m very pleased with the accuracy of the motion sensor.

If I had one critique of it, the sensor is connected to the mounting plate by a ball swivel.  The model I got could stand to be a little stiffer.  I’ve occasionally had to go out and re-aim the sensor due to movement.   The sensor will get aimed down slightly and be more likely to be set off by squirrels.  I’ve remedied that though by placing a long screw below it to keep it from tilting down much.

Overall, the driveway alarm from Guardline Security is what I will be recommending to clients that are interested in help with home or office security.  I recommend you check them out at and strengthen your perimeter with one of their products.